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Vermont Electric Cooperative Member Information Privacy Policy

Vermont Electric Cooperative treats members’ personal information and usage data as confidential.  This privacy policy is aimed at protecting members’ personal information which includes any information that is personal to the members, such as members’ telephone numbers, account information, payment history, and electric usage.  In order to improve system and member service, VEC from time to time will partner with third parties, such as the Vermont Efficiency Utility, on projects that involve the use of member information.  Such third-party partners are required to abide by this privacy statement.

Privacy Statement

VEC believes that members own their personal information.  VEC and its third-party partners, including the Vermont Efficiency Utility, will not release a member’s personal information to any other person or business entity without written consent from the member, unless required by law, by VEC’s bylaws, or if necessary to allow a third party to collect delinquent amounts owed by the member.

How information is used

VEC uses personal information to administer member accounts and to provide members with information regarding their usage.  The information is also used internally to provide and improve member services and to manage business operations.  Some examples include:

  • To generate members’ billing statements and to post payments to members’ accounts.
  • To provide members with outage information.
  • To provide members with peak alerts and important warning messages.
  • To enable members to see their energy usage data on a next-day basis via secure access on the Internet.
  • At the member’s option, to analyze energy usage to help the member select the best rate plan or take advantage of programs offered by VEC and its partner, the Vermont Efficiency Utility.
  • At the member’s option, to communicate specific programs or opportunities that may lower the member’s energy usage or achieve other goals.
  • At the member’s option, to provide energy saving tips and energy management tips tailored to the member’s needs and circumstances.

VEC may also aggregate data about electric usage and patterns in various formats so that the data becomes anonymous and cannot be identified personally with any particular member.  For instance, aggregated data could be a summary of total energy usage for all homes and businesses served off certain substations.  VEC may use such aggregated data for various purposes all directed at improving system efficiency and customer service.  Examples of such use include:

  • Analyzing rates and rate structures.
  • Projecting usage demand patterns and plotting growth off different substations or other areas.
  • Improving our energy supply planning in order to better design and engineer our electric distribution systems.

Data Security

VEC has implemented extensive measures and protocols to ensure the integrity of its systems and to secure and protect member information and communications. VEC safeguards information on secure systems with restricted access.  VEC also uses advanced security controls to protect the information when it is stored or transmitted.

Information and data that members may access through VEC on the Internet is protected using the cyber security protocols that prevent third parties from accessing personal data contained in the VEC business systems.

Website Information

The following discloses information gathering and dissemination practices for the VEC website.

  • Members’ IP addresses are used to help VEC identify website usage patterns.
  • Our site does not use cookies for tracking purposes.  Cookies are used only to help the member navigate the site.  Members have the option to disable and clear cookies through their browser.
  • Bill payments are processed securely through companies which comply with the Federal Red Flag Policy to ensure personal information is never disclosed inadvertently.  The Red Flag Policy is available on the VEC website or by member request by mail or telephone. 

Any information collected is never sold, rented, loaned, or the like, to any third party for any reason. 

2011 Red Flags Policy