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Congratulations to our March Paperless winners!

Kirsten from Jeffersonville
John & Sara from Enosburg Falls
Lawrence from Derby
Timothy from East Charleston

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Important Notices

VEC System Not Affected by "Heartbleed" Flaw

Members may have heard about the "heartbleed" flaw, which poses security risks on various sites across the internet. When we learned about the vulnerability, we tested our system and found that it was not affected. The integrity of your VEC accounts and information remains intact.

Latest News

New Bill Allows VEC to Reopen Net Metering Program and Proceed with VEC's Co-op Community Solar

VEC resumed its net metering program on Tuesday, April 1 after Governor Shumlin signed a new net metering bill into law. The new law raises the cap from 4% of a utility's peak demand to 15%. VEC's net metering program had been closed to new applicants since July 2013 when VEC hit the 4% cap set by the 2011 net metering law.