Voting is an important part of member participation in the democratic process of the Cooperative.

Enclosed with this packet of information, you have received one ballot for voting. Please be sure to vote for all ballot items. 

VEC uses a certified third party election services provider called Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) to mail ballots to members and to receive, validate, and tabulate mailed-in ballots and electronic ballots. VEC offers three convenient options for casting your ballot that are outlined below:

Voting by mail:
Place your ballot in the postage paid reply envelope provided in this Notice. Ballots must be returned in the envelope provided in order to be valid. Ballots must be received by 4 pm on May 10, 2019. Please allow sufficient time for delivery. Do not mail your ballot to Vermont Electric Cooperative.

Voting Online:
Go to to access the login page of the official 2019 Vermont Electric Co-op election. To log in, you will need your member number and your E-Signature election passcode, which are provided on the top of your paper voting ballot enclosed in this notice. Once registered, follow the online voting instructions.

Members can also vote by logging onto their SmartHub account, using their SmartHub logon information. After logging into SmartHub, members can click on the “Vote” button to be directed to their ballot.

Electronic voting will close at 12 pm on May 10, 2019. Do not mail your ballot if you plan to vote online.

Voting in person:
Members may also bring their ballot to the Annual Meeting on May 11, 2019 where voting will be open from 8 to 10 am. Ballots must be placed in a reply envelope (one is provided in this notice) in order to be valid and then dropped in the ballot box.

Who can vote?
Single membership:

If a membership is single, not joint, only the member whose name is on the account is registered and eligible to vote.

Joint membership:
A joint membership with two or more names is entitled to only one vote. 

Businesses, churches, schools or other organizations:
For memberships listed as businesses, churches, schools, or other organizations, only the authorized agent may cast a vote.

Validity of ballots:
For a vote to be valid, it must be timely and properly received as outlined above. Ballots mailed in or cast in person are not valid unless returned in the enclosed reply envelope provided in this notice.  Envelopes can contain only one ballot per envelope. 

Questions about your ballot or misplaced your ballot?
Call 1-800-832-2667 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.