Schuyler JacksonI studied the rural electrification program and VEC’s history with a grant from the Chittenden County Historical Society. VEC is a well-managed, effective utility with superior leadership and an actively engaged Board of Directors. Reliability, cost containment, security, and transition to renewables are major issues –VEC’s cooperative membership mission should be fostered. One particular interest, generated by my Green Mountain Messenger travels through rural Vermont, is the possibility of a long- term undergrounding initiative, especially for beautification of Vermont’s by-ways, such as Route 100.

I have experience, as a lawyer, in regulatory matters, served as Assistant Secretary of the Agency of Environmental Conservation, and Chair of the Act 250 Environmental Board. Private sector experience included litigation and land use, management, and development. I have the time to learn and am eager to participate in deliberations regarding VEC’s management, performance, and challenges. I have received the encouragement and endorsement of Louise McCarren, previously Director of the Public Service Department and Chair of the Public Service Board.

District 5 members may contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.