SmartHub: A Home for Managing Your VEC Account

SmartHub is an account management tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your VEC account. You can pay your bill, view your power usage data, report an outage, and set up customizable alerts to stay informed about power restoration updates and bill notifications. SmartHub also allows you to manage your VEC account anywhere, anytime using your mobile device. The SmartHub Mobile App is now available at no charge for your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android device.

To learn more about SmartHub, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Link to SmartHub here. 


Pay Now

You can pay online using a check, debit card or credit card. For more information, click here.


24/7 Automated Telephone Account Access

Automated telephone account access is available 24/7. You can check your account balance or pay your bill with a check, debit card, or credit card. All transactions are quick and secure. To get started you need your VEC account number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To create a PIN, you will need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. If this information is not on file for your account, contact a member service representative for assistance at 802-635-2331 Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Auto Pay from Bank or Credit Card

Through Auto Pay, you can have bill payments charged directly to a bank or credit card. You may enroll in Auto Pay through SmartHub, or simply fill out the auto pay Bank Draft Application or the Credit Card Authorization Form and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.  For the Bank Draft Application, be sure to include the nine digit bank routing number along with your checking or savings account number and enclose a voided check. Once we receive your application, we will enroll you in the plan.  Note: members signed up for Auto Pay will still receive a monthly statement reflecting current reading information and charges. However, the bill will read “Bank draft do not pay.”

Please allow 30 – 60 days for the direct payment option to take affect and continue to pay your electric bill until your bill indicates that your payment is being made automatically. Your bill will state “bank draft do not pay.” The bill amount will be deducted from your account approximately 14 days after the bill date on your statement. Your bill will be automatically paid every month unless you notify us that you want to cancel Auto Pay. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account, the payment will be treated as any other insufficient fund. If you have two payments returned in a calendar year for insufficient funds, you will be removed from Auto Pay.


Pay Stations

Vermont Electric Cooperative Headquarters: 42 Wescom Road, Johnson, VT

Franklin Telephone: 5217 Main St, Franklin, VT

Peoples United Bank: Payments can be made at any branch office location.


Pay by Mail

Members can mail a check or money order to:

Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc.
P.O. Box 1400
Brattleboro, VT


Budget Billing

VEC offers members the option to pay monthly electric bills with a fixed budget payment plan. The plan allows members to spread their projected electric bills over eleven equal installments. The twelfth month is used to reconcile the account.

How the plan works:

VEC will calculate your budget payment amount based on the average of your previous twelve months bills. If you have not been at your service address for a whole year, it will be based on the last twelve month’s usage for the premises before you occupied the address, and will be adjusted for any known changes. In the first budget year, VEC will review your account between the third and sixth month to ensure that the projected usage is in line with the actual usage, thereby minimizing any under or over payments. If the actual energy consumption exceeds the projected amount by 10 percent or more, we will adjust the budget accordingly and notify you of this adjustment.

End of the year reconciliation:

At the end of the plan year, VEC will reconcile your account. If you owe a balance greater than $50, you have the option of spreading the balance over the next twelve months in equal installments. If you end the budget year with a credit (your usage was less than anticipated and you have overpaid), the balance will automatically be reimbursed over the next twelve months in equal installments.  If you prefer, you can have the credit refunded in one lump sum by calling the member services department at 802-635-2331.

Understanding your bill:

Your monthly statement will show two amounts: (1) your actual electric charges for the billing period and (2) the fixed amount you should pay under budget bill plan. This amount is indicated in the “amount due” box. While enrolled in the plan you should pay the budget amount due each month.

Cancelling budget billing:

If you decide a budget payment plan is not right for you, you can opt out of the plan any time by calling our member service department at 802-635-2331. However, once you are removed from the plan, you may be required to wait 12 months before you can request to be reinstated in the plan. If the account remains unpaid for a period of 60 consecutive days from the due date it may be removed from the plan.  The account will not be eligible for the budget billing until the account is current or for a period of twelve months, whichever occurs sooner.  Once your budget plan is cancelled, the total balance on your account becomes due. If you have a credit balance, you may request that it be refunded or it can be credited toward future bills.

Enrolling in a budget plan:

If you would like to enroll in the monthly budget billing plan, please contact member services at 802-635-2331. A representative will be happy to provide you with information about the plan and help you enroll.