When to apply:

Application for new service or a change to an existing service should be made as far in advance as possible to assure adequate time to engineer, procure material for, and construct the service connection.

New services frequently require that the applicant obtain easements for the cooperative across public or private property or obtain special state or local construction permits.  In some cases, public hearings or regulatory review may significantly impact the normal preparatory time required to accommodate an applicant's request for a service extension.  New members are urged to contact VEC well in advance of commencing construction to ensure that electric service will be available when it is needed.

Temporary service can be provided for the limited purpose of supplying power for construction sites or for other short term uses.  Prospective members seeking temporary service should consult with VEC's Engineering Department to ascertain the availability and cost to provide this service.  In general before a temporary service is installed, the cost of the line extension and the cost to install and remove the temporary service must be paid in advance.

Existing services may require changes or alterations as a result of additional load installed by a member.  Because VEC's facilities are normally designed to meet the member's initial load requirement at the time of initial service, additional load should not be connected until the co-op has been notified and determines that the capacity of the present system is adequate.

In situations where a significant amount of new load will be added by a member, frequently VEC must install larger service equipment or undertake additional construction (often at the member's expense) to accommodate the anticipated increase in the member's demand.  As in the case of a new service, members should notify VEC as far in advance as possible to ensure that the required service upgrade will be available when it is needed.

For more information please refer to the 2016 Construction Book

How to apply:

Existing or prospective members requesting electric service or service upgrades are required to complete the appropriate following forms:

All applications for electric service should include a service layout designating the proposed location of buildings, additions, and property lines and indicating the preferred location of the service entrance equipment. However, the final design and site plan for electrical service will be at the discretion of Vermont Electric Coop, Inc.