Every spring VEC holds its annual meeting of the membership and election. Participating in annual meeting and the election are great ways  for members to make their voices heard, get involved in the democratic process of the cooperative, and learn about what's happening at VEC.

The election process begins early in the year with eligible members who are interested in serving on the board of directors collecting signatures to be placed on the ballot. After the election has opened, all VEC members will receive a ballot as well as information about the annual meeting. Members can vote by paper ballot, online through SmartHub or the election website, or in person at the annual meeting.

The annual meeting begins with a complimentary breakfast and exhibitor showcase. The president, secretary, treasurer, and chief executive officer of the cooperative present reports to the membership. VEC typically also has a guest speaker who gives a presentation on a timely issue relevant to the electric industry.

We hope all VEC members will get involved by voting and attending the annual meeting!

Minutes from previous VEC annual meetings can be found here: