VEC will host its 79th Annual Meeting of the Membership on May 6, 2017 at Jay Peak Resort.  The member breakfast starts at 8 am followed by the business meeting at 10 am and voting results and door prize raffle at 12 pm.  VEC’s annual meeting and election are great opportunities for members to exercise their voice. 


VEC's 2017 Election
Director Candidates

Since VEC is a cooperative, members elect local representatives to serve on the Board of Directors, which sets VEC policy. Four positions on the Board of Directors are up for election this year. The positions for District 2, East Zone, and West Zone will each be for a full four-year term. The position for District 6 will be for the remainder of the current director’s term, and will expire in May of 2019. 

Voting will take place by mail and online from April 13 through May 5 and in person at VEC's annual meeting on Saturday, May 6. Click here for voting intructions. 

Below is a list of the candidates running for the open seats, as well as the towns that each seat represents.
Click on their name to view the candidates' bios.

District 2 – Term expires in 2021
John O. Ward Jr

District 2 Towns: Coventry, Derby, Newport City                                                                                                      

District 6 – Term expires in 2019
Paul Lambert 

District 6 Towns: Berkshire, Enosburg, Franklin, Georgia, Highgate, Montgomery, Richford, Sheldon,
St. Albans Town, Swanton

East Zone At-Large – Term expires in 2021
Tom Bailey
Brian Carroll
Scott Cooper
Robert Dewees

East Zone Towns: Albany, Averill, Averys Gore, Barton, Bloomfield, Brighton, Brownington, Brunswick, Canaan, Charleston, Conventry, Craftsbury, Derby, Ferdinand, Glover, Greensboro, Guildhall, Holland, Irasburg, Jay,  Lemington, Lewis, Lowell, Lyndon, Maidstone, Morgan, Newark, Newport City, Newport Town, Norton, Sheffield, Sutton, Troy, Warners Grant, Warren Gore, Westfield, Westmore, and Wheelock

West Zone At-Large – Term expires in 2021
Eric LaPine
Paul Lesure
Richard A. Westman

West Zone Towns: Alburgh, Bakersfield, Belvidere, Berkshire, Bolton, Cambridge, Eden, Enosburg, Essex, Fairfax, Fairfield, Fletcher, Franklin, Georgia, Grand Isle, Highgate, Hinesburg, Huntington, Hyde Park, Isle LaMotte, Jericho,  Johnson, Milton, Montgomery, Morristown, North Hero, Richford, Richmond, Sheldon, Shelburne, South Hero, Starksboro, Stowe, St. Albans Town, St. George, Swanton, Underhill, Waterville, Westford, and Williston

Bylaw Changes

Several bylaw changes are also on the ballot this year. On the election ballot, they are ballot items 1-6. Click here for a full list of the ballot items and explanations.

Ballot Item 1: Shall Article IV, Section 3 be amended to prohibit certain elected officials from serving on the Board of Directors?

Ballot Item 2: Shall Article XIII be amended to clarify that only a court or the Public Service Board can determine the legality of member-initiated bylaw changes and to clarify the process for member-initiated bylaw changes?

Ballot Item 3: Shall the introductory paragraph of the bylaws be amended to recognize that Vermont Electric Cooperative will comply with all equal opportunity state and federal laws?

Ballot Item 4: Shall Article XI, Section 4 be amended to conform to the Board’s current practice whereby the Board reviews financial statements quarterly?

Ballot Item 5: Shall Article IV be amended to remove outdated language and to clarify that a director elected to fill a vacancy shall serve out the remainder of the vacated term?

Ballot Item 6: Shall Article IV, Section 3 be amended to remove a restriction as to who may run for a director seat?