Dear Vermont Electric Cooperative Members: 

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my name as a candidate for the District 6 seat on Vermont Electric Cooperative’s (VEC) Board of Directors.

In brief, here is an outline of my experience and why I believe I am well suited for this position.

Energy Experience: 

  • 17 years working in Vermont’s energy industry (VEIC/Efficiency Vermont)
  • Understanding of the emerging trends and technologies impacting utilities
  • Understanding of business objectives and how energy costs/reliability impact decisions
  • Understanding of regulatory process and requirements

People & Community:

  • I am a VEC member in both Town of Georgia and Glover
  • I know many of Vermont’s state, regional and local individuals & entities involved in energy
  • I have a relationship & rapport with many VEC businesses, municipalities and residents

Interest & Desire:

  • Energy touches all facets of our economy, community, environment and way of life
  • The energy industry and the role of utilities is rapidly changing – this offers VEC an exciting challenge in balancing both short and long-term goals
  • I care deeply about the communities of Northern Vermont as my wife and I raise our four children here

Thank you!

Paul Lambert

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C: 802-310-2740