Every three years VEC files an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with the Public Utilities Commission. Our draft plan, which was filed in July 2019, details how VEC will meet the needs of its members, by identifying the least-cost, most reliable strategies. VEC’s mission is to serve our members with safe, reliable, and affordable energy services. This plan presents a continued path to ensuring excellence, balance, and flexibility. As our electrical systems become more complex, we must become increasingly thoughtful about our investments. We hope our members and other stakeholders will read the draft IRP and provide us with feedback. You can follow the Public Utility Commission  review process (case number 19-3042-PET).
Please contact us with any questions: 1-800-832-2667 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Section 1. Executive Summary
Section 2. Introducton and Member Programs
Section 3. Power Supply
Section 4. Transmission and Distribution
Section 5. Action Plan
Section 6. Appendix Overview

Appendix A - VEC 2019 Load Forecast
Appendix B - EVT DRP 2019-2037 Forecast
Appendix C - Vermont LMP Forecast for 2019 IRP
Appendix D - VEC Resource and Needs Projections
Appendix E - Forecasted Adoption of Tier III Technologies
Appendix F - VEC Planning Criteria
Appendix G - Flood Plain Determination
Appendix H - OP 57 Event Action Plan - Main Document-R008
Appendix I - OP 57 Event Action Plan - Appendix A EPL Criteria and Guidelines
Appendix J - OP59 Internal and External Notification of Outages and Switching
Appendix K - OP-26 Underground Facility Locating REV 004
Appendix L - VEC Maintanence Plan
Appendix M - Transformer Purchase Tool
Appendix N - Standard Overhead Conductor Page 1
Appendix O - Act 139 Generation Constraints Report
Appendix P - Derby Line Solar 17-1247-NMP Final Order
Appendix Q - VEC Equal Allocation of Load
Appendix R - VEC Distributed Allocation of Load
Appendix S - 2015 IRP Memorandum of Understanding Guide
Appendix T - Completed Projects
Appendix U - Total Net Metering by Sub
Appendix V - 2018 Arborcision VEC Report
Appendix W - VEC SHEI Map

2016 VEC Integrated Resources Plan