Keeping the Lights On

VEC is proud of our record in ensuring safe and reliable electric service to our Co-op members and we continue to focus on improving our system performance. An increase in capital funding is allowing us to invest in critical system improvements including higher levels of vegetation management, substation and line replacements, and maintenance activities.

Power Supply

Have you ever wondered about where your power comes from and what its sources are? Power supply planning is a complicated topic, here is some information about how VEC approaches power supply decisions and planning.
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Smart Grid

We use a variety of techological systems to ensure the best and safest service to our members. The Smart Grid includes a variety of systems such as Supervisory Contral and Date Aquisition (SCADA), OMS Outage Management System (OMS), and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
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Renewable Energy 

Solar and wind projects continue to become a greater part of VEC's power supply portfolio, including "net metering" which is a program that allows members to connect small-scale renewable energy systems to the grid and receive credit on their electric bills.
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Vegetation Management

Vegetation in close proximity to the electric facilities is the leading cause of power outages and presents safety risks to utility workers and the general public. We use an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) to control vegetation. 
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Integrated Resource Plan

The integrated resource plan evaluates VEC energy needs and the options for suppling those needs in the least-cost manner. It also looks at VEC’s capital spending projected over the next three years to identify system improvements that will enhance system reliability and member service.
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Reliability and Cost

VEC’s core mission is to provide safe, affordable, reliable electricity to our members and VEC is always working to improve the reliability of the system while keeping a sharp eye on costs. Here is are some Frequently Asked Questions related to our efforts.