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Five Candidates Seek Three Seats on VEC's Board 

March 26, 2019

Johnson, VT- Five candidates are vying for three seats up for election this year on the board of directors of the Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC). Voting will take place online and by mail from April 16 through May 10 and also in person at VEC’s Annual Meeting at Jay Peak Resort on May 11. Election results will be announced at the meeting.

Because VEC is a cooperative, VEC members elect local representatives — other VEC members — to serve on the twelve-member board. Directors participate in setting policy and are expected to represent the interests of the VEC membership.

This year members will choose a representative for districts 1 and 6, where currently-serving board members are running unopposed, and West Zone, where threee candidates are running for a seat being vacated by the current director.

Here are the details:

In District 1, incumbent Don Worth of Island Pond is running unopposed. (District 1 towns are Averill, Averys Gore, Barton, Bloomfield, Brighton, Brownington, Brunswick, Canaan, Charleston, Ferdinand, Guildhall, Holland, Lemington, Lewis, Lyndon, Maidstone, Morgan, Newark, Norton, Sheffield, Sutton, Warners Grant, Warren Gore, Westmore, and Wheelock.)

In District 6, incumbent Paul Lambert of Georgia is also running unopposed. (District 6 towns are Berkshire, Enosburg, Franklin, Georgia, Highgate, Montgomery, Richford, Sheldon, St. Albans Town, Swanton.)

In West Zone, Jody Dunklee of Fairfax, Steph Hoffman of Morrisville, and Caleb Magoon of Hyde Park are running for the open seat. (West Zone towns are Alburgh, Bakersfield, Belvidere, Berkshire, Bolton, Cambridge, Eden, Enosburg, Essex, Fairfax, Fairfield, Fletcher, Franklin, Georgia, Grand Isle, Highgate, Hinesburg, Huntington, Hyde Park, Isle LaMotte, Jericho, Johnson, Milton, Montgomery, Morristown, North Hero, Richford, Richmond, Sheldon, Shelburne, South Hero, Starksboro, Stowe, St. Albans Town, St. George, Swanton, Underhill, Waterville, Westford, Williston.)

“Democratic member control is a key co-op principle,” noted VEC Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Towne. “And VEC’s annual director election is an important opportunity for members to have a say in the co-op’s direction,” she said. 

Members will receive a ballot, as well as information about the election and annual meeting after April 16.