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VEC Offering New Incentives for 2019 

January 3, 2019

Johnson, VT - Vermont Electric Co-op has unveiled a new round of bill credits this year for members who purchase a range of devices for their homes or businesses. (At left, staff from Nelson Veterinary Clinic gather under a heat pump the Newport business has installed as part of VEC's incentive program.)

Specifically, VEC is offering a $300 credit for cold climate heat pumps purchased this year (up from $150 for those purchased in 2018) as well as new credits this year for Zero Energy Modular (ZEM) homes ($500) and electric-powered forklifts ($1,000). 

“As the co-op – and all Vermont utilities – work to help Vermont reach the state’s energy goals, we continually refine our incentives to make it easier for members who want to move their energy use from fossil fuels to cleaner electricity, to do so,” said Jake Brown, energy services planner at VEC. Brown noted that the bill credit program benefits the entire membership – not just those who take advantage of the program - because it results in more electric sales which, in turn, pay for the incentives. He said about 600 VEC members have taken advantage of bill credits since VEC began offering them in 2017.

The incentives for the forklifts - offered to members who purchase new or used electric forklifts for new applications, or whenever a purchased electric forklift directly replaces a fossil fuel powered forklift - and ZEM homes are examples of technologies for which VEC is offering incentives for the first time.

ZEM homes are energy efficient, modular homes designed to meet the highest standards of durability, energy efficiency, comfort, and air quality. One brand of ZEM homes is built in Vermont by Vermod, based in White River Junction.

Besides the increased heat pump and new forklift and ZEM homes incentives, other bill credit opportunities for 2019 include:

  • Heating/Cooling:  Heat pump water heaters and pellet stoves, a bill credit of $150 per unit.
  • Vehicles: For plug-in electric vehicles, a bill credit of $250 for purchases (new or used) and $50/year for leases; for all-electric vehicles, a bill credit of $500 for purchases (new or used) and $100/year for leases.
  • Vehicle Charging Stations: Businesses and public entities installing electric vehicle charging stations that are available to the public can take advantage of a bill credit of $500 per connection. (That's $500 for a one-head charger and $1,000 for a two-head charger.) 
  • Clean Air Program (CAP): VEC's CAP program can help replace fossil fuel usage, and reduce carbon emissions, through electric service upgrades or line-extensions. Each project is customized to meet the needs of the member and the co-op. Contact VEC if you think you might have a suitable project for the CAP program.

Learn more about all of these opportunities on VEC's Energy Transformation incentives page or by calling 1-800-832-2667.

The VEC incentives are in addition to other qualified incentives or rebates, including Efficiency Vermont incentives.