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Vermont Electric Co-op Lends a Hand to Other Utilities Post-Storm 

April 6, 2018

Johnson, VT – For the fourth time in about a month, crews from the Vermont Electric Co-op (VEC) have packed up and headed out to help other utilities restore power after a windstorm whipped through Vermont Wednesday night.

Today, after wrapping up repairs in VEC territory, the co-op sent crews to help Green Mountain Power and Washington Electric Co-op restore power in hard-hit pockets of their territories. Last month, VEC sent three waves of crews at different times to storm-battered New Hampshire and southern New England to help restore power there.

“Mutual aid is part of what utilities do – we help our friends in the region get the lights back on when the chips are down for them,” said Kris Smith, VEC’s Manager of SCADA and Operations Engineering. “When the shoe’s on the other foot, GMP, Washington Electric and others – they come help us,” he said.

“There is a great mutual aid system and partnership In Vermont and the region across all utilities and we are thankful for assistance to help restore power after the wind storm slammed the state,” said Kristin Carlson, GMP’s Vice President of Strategic and External Affairs. “In addition to GMP crews, GMP had lined up external crews from around the region to be in Vermont before the storm hit. Along with VEC, we also have local teams from Ludlow Electric and Burlington Electric Department helping. Outages are now down to 3900 and we have more than 500 folks in the field working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.”

The demand for utility mutual aid crews across the region spiked in early March, as nor’easters – Riley, Quinn and now Skylar - hammered southern and eastern New England.