Van Winkle croppedThe emergence of renewables into the local energy grid has created a disruption of the standard utility business model that will continue to create challenges for the Co-Op.  The closure of VT Yankee turned us (Vermont) into a net importer of electricity, and as such transforming the transmission grid into a critical energy highway. States within the New England ISO are still promoting renewables and have recently announced additional incentives for energy storage.  Our service area may be far away from the southern New England states but their actions with respect to energy policy will affect the cost we incur in maintaining the regional transmission grid and the capacity of that grid to move energy to us. 

I have a diverse background in energy infrastructure including micro grid development, community scale wind, solar and most recently utility scale energy storage.  Other utilities in the region are seeking ways to capitalize on energy storage and it would be my objective as a director to ensure that the Co-Op isn’t left behind as the technology becomes prevalent.  My focus is rate stabilization while advancing energy policy. 

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