Vermont Electric Cooperative is proud to have joined 30,000 cooperatives nationwide to celebrate National Co-op Month in October 2017, recognizing the many ways cooperatives are committed to strengthening the local communities they serve. Vermont Electric Cooperative is proud to be member-owned and committed to the best interests of our members and their communities. In honor of National Co-op Month, and to demonstrate our pride in what we do and whom we do it for, we presented “VEC 31 Points Of Pride,” one point for each day in October.  

31 Points of Pride

1. VEC was established in 1938 by farmers in Eden, Vermont, with the goal of bringing electricity to rural Vermonters.

2. VEC is the largest locally-owned electric distribution utility in VT.

3. VEC is nationally recognized for innovative and advanced use of technology.

4. As a member-owned cooperative, VEC is a democratic organization controlled by its members.

5. VEC was founded to serve “unprofitable” parts of rural Lamoille County by-passed by other utilities.

6. VEC is a great employer supporting innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

7. VEC Co-op Community Solar is an easy and efficient way for all members to get great value while supporting clean electricity.

8. VEC serves 32,000 members in 75 communities within 8 counties.

9. VEC is a recognized technology leader—we were one of the first utilities in the U.S. to implement smart grid in 2005. #VEC31PointsOfPride

10. VEC's Energy Transformation Program helps members transition from using fossil fuels to cleaner electricity.

11. VEC services 2,882 miles of line and 2,056 square miles territory.

12. VEC Co-op Community Solar is perfect for folks renting their home and for houses with a shady site or unsuitable roof.

13. VEC Community Fund helps member communities by supporting organizations promoting community & economic development.

14. VEC offers financial incentives for the purchase of new or used Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.

15. VEC offers financial incentives for members who install cold-climate heat pumps. Energy Transformation!

16. VEC provides “patronage capital”—members’ share of money remaining at year end, after paying operating expenses.

17. By August 2015, Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) was installed at all (36) VEC substations.

18. VEC employees are generous and caring. Charity lunches initiated and implemented by our wonderful employees.

19. VEC members save time & money by paying their electric bill online with SmartHub.

20. Rate stability is a VEC priority. Our average annual rate increase has been less than 1% over the past 8 years, way below average annual inflation.

21. VEC Bond rating is A+ for past 2 years with a stable outlook.

22. VEC members can sign up for Beat the Peak alerts so they can conserve electricity during peak energy times and help control Co-op energy costs.

23. VEC members save money and save trees by signing up for paperless billing. 6474 paperless members = more than $45,000 in annual savings.

24. VEC meets or exceeds all Service Quality and Reliability Goals (SQRP).

25. VEC power supply portfolio is increasingly clean and green, we are an industry leader in cost effectively integrating renewables into our power supply portfolio.

26. VEC has 3 Co-op community solar projects: Alburgh, Grand Isle, and Hinesburg.

27. VEC offers members with off-grid or underserved homes & businesses ways to replace fossil fuels with cleaner electricity.

28. VEC provides great customer service! Members report an overall customer service rating of 4.8 (out of 5) after service calls.

29. VEC provides reliable electric service! Our outage index is consistently better than state regulatory requirements.

30. VEC is committed to safety and wellness! We have received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Worksite Wellness for the past 4 consecutive years.

31. VEC’s mission as a member-owned electric distribution utility is to provide safe, affordable, and reliable energy services to our members. We are proud to serve you!