VEC will be holding its 2019 Annual Meeting of the Membership on Saturday, May 11 at Jay Peak Resort. Attending annual meeting is a great way for members to make their voices heard and learn about what's happening at VEC. Look for your annual meeting invitation and ballot materials after April 16, 2019. 

Annual Meeting Agenda

8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.   Complimentary member breakfast and exhibitor showcase

9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  Business Meeting of the Membership; panel entitled Driving into the Future: Electric Vehicles in Rural Vermont with Dave Roberts of Drive Electric Vermont, Michele Boomhower of the Vermont Agency of Transportation, Mike Davin of Nissan, and local electric vehicle owners Eric and Ingrid Nuse; and questions and answers

11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.   Voting results, door prize raffle, and exhibitor showcase

2019 Election

Because VEC is a cooperative, members elect local representatives to serve on VEC’s twelve-member board. These directors participate in setting policies and making decisions and are expected to represent the interests of the VEC membership. Members also vote on changes to bylaws. Two such changes are on the ballot this year (details below).

The following seats are up for election: Districts 1 and 6 and West Zone At-Large. Below is the slate of director candidates. Director candidate photos and statements are provided on a separate sheet for each open seat. One seat is available per district.

Members can vote by mail, through SmartHub (on a desktop not in the app), on the election website, or in person at VEC's annual meeting on May 11 at Jay Peak.

Click here for full voting instructions.

2019 Director Candidates

District 1
Don Worth – Island Pond

District 1 towns: Averill, Averys Gore, Barton, Bloomfield, Brighton, Brownington, Brunswick, Canaan, Charleston, Ferdinand, Guildhall, Holland, Lemington, Lewis, Lyndon, Maidstone, Morgan, Newark, Norton, Sheffield, Sutton, Warners Grant, Warren Gore, Westmore, Wheelock

District 6
Paul Lambert – Georgia

District 6 towns: Berkshire, Enosburg, Franklin, Georgia, Highgate, Montgomery, Richford, Sheldon, St. Albans Town, Swanton

West Zone At-Large
Jody Dunklee – Fairfax
Steph Hoffman – Morristown
Caleb Magoon – Hyde Park

West Zone towns: Alburgh, Bakersfield, Belvidere, Berkshire, Bolton, Cambridge, Eden, Enosburg, Essex, Fairfax, Fairfield, Fletcher, Franklin, Georgia, Grand Isle, Highgate, Hinesburg, Huntington, Hyde Park, Isle LaMotte, Jericho, Johnson, Milton, Montgomery, Morristown, North Hero, Richford, Richmond, Sheldon, Shelburne, South Hero, Starksboro, Stowe, St. Albans Town, St. George, Swanton, Underhill, Waterville, Westford, Williston

2019 Ballot Items

Ballot Item 1 - Shall Article III, Section 1 be amended to remove the requirement that the annual member meeting be held on a Saturday?   

Explanation of Ballot Item 1

This ballot amendment would provide the VEC Board of Directors flexibility as to when the annual members meeting will be held. While there is no current plan to move the meeting from a Saturday morning time period, in the future the Board may consider alternatives that work better for VEC members.

The bylaw change would strike the limiting language, as follows:

Article III: Meeting of Members

Section 1. Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of the members shall be held on a Saturday beginning with the year 1985 between April 1st and May 31st of each year in the State of Vermont at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors

Ballot Item 2 - Shall Article VII, Section 2(j) be amended to remove the limitation that patronage capital retirement cannot exceed 25% of the patronage capital or margins received in the preceding year?

Explanation of Ballot Item 2

Annually, the Board of Directors determines how much patronage capital can be returned to members (or “retired”). The bylaws currently limit the amount that can be retired to no more than 25 percent of the excess earnings from the prior year. The Board of Directors would like to remove that limitation to provide the flexibility to retire additional patronage capital when VEC’s financial health permits it.

The bylaw change would strike that part of section 2(j), as follows:

Article VII, Section 2

(j), In no event, however, may any such capital be retired unless, after the proposed retirement, the capital of the Cooperative shall equal at least forty percent (40%) of the total assets of the Cooperative., provided, however, such capital may be retired in any year as will not cause total distributions of capital in such year to exceed twenty- five percent (25%) of the patronage capital or margins received in the immediate preceding year.


Minutes from previous VEC annual meetings can be found here: