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Vermont Moving to a Greener Power Portfolio

02 02 12 Hallquist testifies Photoshop

Dave Hallquist, Vermont Electric Co-op’s CEO, testified at the Vermont Statehouse on February 2, 2012. 

Dave Hallquist's presentation to the House Natural Resources Committee focused on the need to develop cost effective ways to store energy as Vermont moves to a greener power portfolio. Otherwise, Vermonters may face higher electric rates and unintended environmental consequences.

Quite simply, this is because the wind doesn’t always blow when we need power and the sun doesn’t always shine when we need it. But, if we find ways to store wind and solar when they are producing surplus energy, it can then be saved and used when needed.

Current energy storage costs are quite high, so Dave urged legislators to consider this when setting the pace for the adoption of renewable energy goals. Moving too quickly could be costly if improvements in storage technologies are not developed in time.

To learn more about this issue, please take a look at VEC’s “Transitioning to a Greener Portfolio”, along with an accompanying summary paper.

VEC encourages members of the public to learn more about this issue and to share their position with local legislators who will be setting goals for Vermont’s adoption of renewable energy. VEC staff is also on-hand to answer questions or to deliver our presentation to local groups and community organizations. Please contact Liz Gamache at 802.730.1158 for more information.

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