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Smart Energy
Smart Energy

Modernization of the nation’s electric grid has emerged as a priority in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).  By integrating the nation’s aging power grid with digital technology, both consumers and utilities will be empowered to manage electricity more efficiently by saving energy, reducing costs, and increasing reliability. Smart grid technology can be used to increase energy independence and address global warming issues.

VEC is currently communicating with more than 36,000 smart meters via Advance Meter Infrastructure (AMI) technology (also known as Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) technology), and is the first utility in Vermont to install and use the AMI system.

Vermont Moving to a Greener Power Portfolio

02 02 12 Hallquist testifies Photoshop

Dave Hallquist, Vermont Electric Co-op’s CEO, testified at the Vermont Statehouse on February 2, 2012. 

Dave Hallquist's presentation to the House Natural Resources Committee focused on the need to develop cost effective ways to store energy as Vermont moves to a greener power portfolio. Otherwise, Vermonters may face higher electric rates and unintended environmental consequences.

Quite simply, this is because the wind doesn’t always blow when we need power and the sun doesn’t always shine when we need it. But, if we find ways to store wind and solar when they are producing surplus energy, it can then be saved and used when needed.

Smart Meters - Radio Frequency Radiation and Health Report

The Vermont Department of Health has concluded that the current regulatory standards for Radio Frequency Radiation from smart meters are sufficient to protect public health. Learn more by reading the recently released report Radio Frequency Radiation and Health: Smart Meters.