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Net Metering
Net Metering Information for Current Net Metering Members

Below is general information about net metering in Vermont and how the the program works for VEC members within the 4 percent cap.

Net metering is a program instituted by Vermont law designed for and applied to small scale, grid connected energy systems, typically wind, solar, hydro or farm methane where the member wants to off-set some, or all of the power needs for their home or business. Net metering can also encompass a group of members collaborating on a "group" system, and recent changes allow quite large renewable systems to connect through Net Metering.

VEC supports and encourages renewables.  The information below is intended to help you with understanding net metering systems. 

Please note that despite very favorable state and federal incentives, and proactive Net Metering laws in Vermont, often times the payback on net metered investments can still be significant.  If you have not already looked at efficiency improvements for your home, farm or business, we encourage you to compare those investments as well.  Reducing our collective energy needs is an important first step, not to be overlooked.  For more information go to