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Net Metering
Net Metering Information and FAQ

VEC's net metering program is full for 2016. Check back for updates about when members can apply to install net metering systems in 2017. 

Net metering is a program instituted by Vermont law that allows members to connect small-scale renewable energy systems to the grid and receive credit on their electric bills. The most common type of net metering is solar, but wind, hydro and methane can also be used under the net metering program. 

In 2011, the state legislature set a net metering cap of 4% of a utility's peak demand. VEC reached that cap in July 2013 and subsequently closed the program to new applicants. In April 2014, Governor Shumlin signed a new net metering bill into law that raised the cap to 15% of a utility's peak demand. As a result, VEC's net metering program is currently open and accepting new applicants.

The 15% is broken down as follows: 4% existing; 4% set aside for VEC's Co-op Community Solar pilot project; 7% remaining to be made available in equal shares in 2014, 2015, and 2016, which means that 2.3% is available in each year. Should the net metering capacity that members apply for reach 2.3% in a given year, the program may close until the next calendar year.