Vermont Electric Coop Outages
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Total Outages: 2
Total Members Out: 3
Current outages by town:
Town#MTime OffEstimated
Restoration Time
SHELDON201/30 07:11am01/30 09:30am32-3-1B3C
SHELDON101/30 07:18amTBDE93202703094723
Last Updated: 2015-01-30 08:45:45

Recent outages (last 24 hours)
Town#MTime OffTime onCauseDesc.Ticket#
CAMBRIDGE201/29 10:11pm01/29 11:10pmUNKNOWNNO EQUIP CODE E213020132003000
BELVIDERE1601/29 06:56pm01/29 07:55pmTREESFELL IN24-2-3B
EDEN101/29 03:15pm01/29 04:00pmEQUIPMENT FAILURENO EQUIP CODE E202013167000000
TROY101/29 10:00am01/29 12:30pmCOMPANY INITIATED OUTAGEPOLE E64101003089310
ISLE LA MOTTE101/29 08:33am01/29 12:00pmANIMALSSQUIRRELE72805103080328
UNDERHILL301/29 11:30am01/29 11:50amCOMPANY INITIATED OUTAGEPOLE 04-2-4A5 1
WESTFORD1901/29 10:09am01/29 11:30amANIMALSSQUIRREL12-3-3A9

Outage Reporting


Please report all outages or emergencies such as a tree in contact with a line or a downed power line by calling 1-800-832-2667. For storm preparedness information, please visit our safety preparedness site




Wednesday, December 25, 2013 – 7:30 PM Update


Thank you for calling Vermont Electric Cooperative. Today is Wednesday, December 25 and this is a 7:30 PM update. If you are calling for a general outage restoration update, please remain on the line. If you are calling to report an outage, or to report an emergency such as a tree in contact with a line or downed power line, or calling to check the status of your outage including estimated restoration times, please press 1.


Again, this is a 7:30 PM outage restoration update.


Approximately 800 VEC members remain without power and restoration efforts are progressing. Despite significant efforts to restore power with the assistance of 600 additional utility workers, we expect that hundreds of members will remain without power through tonight into tomorrow, and some outages may last longer. We expect that outages that date back to earlier this week should be restored by Thursday night. However, several new outages occurred today as a result of wind and ice unloading from trees. These new outages could last beyond Thursday.


Dozens of small outages are scattered throughout VEC’s service territory. In addition, several large outages with significant line damage span from Richford to Highgate and have been a major focus today. Other areas with extreme damage include: Montgomery, Berkshire, Enosburg, Fairfax, Fairfield, Sheldon, Bakersfield, Westford, Belvidere, and Cambridge.


For approximately 60 VEC members along Metcalf Pond in Fletcher, we recently updated your power restoration time due to significant tree damage in this area, which has made it extremely difficult for crews to access outage points. We are re-allocating resources in order to bring in more tree crews to gain access to this area, but unfortunately the estimated time of restoration has been changed to tomorrow, December 26 around 9:00 PM.


VEC will operate continuously until all outages are restored.


Keep in mind that there are multiple outages in most towns, and the best way to obtain your specific outage restoration time is to press option 1.


Thank you for listening to this message and please check back for future updates.

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