Vermont Electric Coop Outages
There are no outages at this time.
Last Updated: 2016-04-29 23:15:04

Recent outages (last 24 hours)
Town#MTime OffTime onCauseDesc.Ticket#
FLETCHER104/29 01:00pm04/29 01:23pmCOMPANY INITIATED OUTAGEUNDERGROUND E212032013002007
FRANKLIN1404/29 11:20am04/29 12:40pmNO CAUSE CODE NO EQUIP CODE 32-3-1J3
ISLE LA MOTTE104/28 10:00am04/28 02:30pmNO CAUSE CODE NO EQUIP CODE 3080132
ISLE LA MOTTE104/28 10:00am04/28 02:30pmCOMPANY INITIATED OUTAGEPOLE E72805103080130
MONTGOMERY1104/28 09:00am04/28 11:10amCOMPANY INITIATED OUTAGEPOLE 07-3-3E3

Outage Reporting




Please report all outages or emergencies such as a tree in contact with a line or a downed power line by calling 1-800-832-2667. For storm preparedness information, please visit our safety preparedness site.


Outage Center Announcements




**Members can enter their account number at the top of the table to get their outage ticket number and estimated restoration time. Or members can login into their SmartHub account to monitor the status of their outage.**

**Outage restoration times are best estimates based on assessments from the field. They can and do change as more information is gathered.**



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