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VEC's Energy Portfolio

The following is a summary of the various resources that make up VEC’s 2015 power portfolio.

Gen Type
Large Hydro 266,212 54.3%
Small Hydro 9,872 2.0%
Large Wind 73,071 14.9%
Farm Methane/Solar/Small Wind 7,469 1.5%
Nuclear 79,608 16.3%
Natural Gas or Oil 40,630 8.3%
Biomass 13,033 2.7%

Note: Since 2012, VEC has periodically sold environmental attributes associated with some renewable generation sources to offset or mitigate the cost and rate impact of renewable resources in VEC's power supply portfolio. These sales are not reflected in the table above.

  • The large hydro group consists of Hydro-Quebec, Niagara and St Lawrence (NY hydro).
  • The small hydro group consists of VEC's purchases from the Vermont small power producers (17 VEPPI hydro generators and two Warner's hydro generators).
  • The farm methane and solar consists of VEC's purchases from the Vermont Standard Offer Program (Act 45).
  • The wind is from First Wind, LLC, Sheffield, VT and Kingdom Community Wind, Lowell, VT.
  • The natural gas or oil group are contracts for energy where the source of the supply is not identified.  These are from the New England power markets and "System Power" arrangements where the seller guarantees delivery, but not the source of generation. Presumably, the majority of the resources are natural gas but there is no way to know for sure.
  • Nuclear is from NextEra Energy's Seabrook Power Plant in New Hampshire.
  • Biomass is VEC's share of Ryegate Woodchip facility (VEPPI unit).

In addition to VECs 2015 portfolio, VEC developed an Energy Sources Comparison chart in 2013 that provides information about the pros and cons for each energy source. To view, click here.