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Energy Saving Tips

VEC believes that an energy dollar saved - electrical or otherwise - is the goal.

To reduce energy consumption and save on your energy bills, we have provided you with some energy saving tips below:

  • Avoid using electric heat, including portable space heaters. Electric heat can be three times the cost of oil, and twice the cost of liquid propane gas (LPG).
  • Weatherize by checking insulation levels and seal air leaks. Schedule a seasonal tune-up on boilers and furnaces. Close off rooms that are not in use, turn down thermostat settings, and/or consider purchasing a "set-back thermostat" which can be programmed to automatically control your heat.
  • Reduce domestic hot water use by installing low flow shower heads and aerators. Often electric domestic hot water use accounts for 30-40 percent of household electrical usage. If your water tank is located in a cold space, be sure to wrap the tank.
  • Turn off lights when they are not in use. After heat and domestic hot water, lighting is the next highest consumer of energy.
  • Install energy efficient lamps and fixtures in areas of the home where usage is three hours per day or more. A variety of compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) is available.
  • Purchase energy efficient appliances. Look for “Energy Star” appliances and appliances with the lowest “Energy Guide” ratings. Often there are rebate incentives available for these.
  • Consolidate refrigeration. One unit that is full is better than two that are partially filled. Check and replace worn door gaskets and clean the grills and coils regularly. Refrigeration can account for as much as 18 percent of consumers’ usage. If the refrigerator was manufactured before 1990, you should consider a newer energy-efficient model.
  • Turn off televisions, stereos, computers, monitors, and cell phone chargers when they are not in use. Many appliances have a standby or "phantom" use that adds to energy usage in the home.

For information on energy efficiency programs and services contact Efficiency Vermont at 1-888-921-5990 or visit them online at