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VEC Launches wattWATCHERS

 Published 10/22/2009
Johnson, VT - Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc. (VEC) officials announced the launch of a newly redesigned website featuring VEC wattWatchers, a web-based application that will enable VEC customers with smart meters to analyze and manage their electric consumption.

 “VEC wattWatchers is a great example of how smart grid technology can be used by consumers and utilities alike to increase efficiency and manage electricity consumption,” said Dave Hallquist, chief executive officer. “VEC is proud to be leading the state of Vermont as the nation builds a smarter electric grid. This is critical when it comes to controlling future costs of electricity.”

 VEC wattWatchers was developed internally by VEC’s IT department using open-source software. After seeing similar applications enter the market with price tags of $50K and more, VEC was able to capitalize on its smart grid technology which has been deployed to more than 29,000 customers in the form of AMI (automated meter infrastructure) meters, also known as smart meters.

 Other features on VEC’s new website include an Outage Center which includes up-to-date information about power outages and their causes. Also available to website visitors are a Smart Energy webpage and eBill, a service which allows consumers to save time, money and paper by paying bills on-line. Website visitors can follow CEO Dave Hallquist, on Twitter by clicking a link on the homepage.

 VEC members with smart meters may view personalized consumption data by registering for VEC wattWatchers at  Non-members may view a demo and learn more about VEC and smart energy on the newly designed website, as well.